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Text Box: Are you interested in better understanding your data, and not so interested in mastering a programming language? Have you tried learning R from a book or website, but have been discouraged? If so, this is the course for you. We assume that you’ve never programmed before (although some experience doesn’t hurt), and we teach you the best tools to help analyze your data.

Course Contents:

Day 1


· What is Data Science ?

· Business Problems to Data Mining Tasks

R Programming

· History & Introduction

· Commands, Functions, Data Structures

· Data Manipulation & Preparation

Some Basics

· Statistical Inference

· Exploratory Data Analysis

· Data Visualization

Day 2

Three Basic Machine Learning Algorithms

· Linear Regression

· k-Nearest Neighbors

· k-Means

The Next Steps

· Logistic Regression

· Market Basket Analysis

From Numeric to Text

· Text Analytics

Course Fees:

Rs. 7,500 + Taxes

= Rs. 8,427.00/-

Group discount of 10% for registrations of more than 5 participants from a

single company/institute.

· The number of seats for the course is limited to 20

· Deadline to register: week before the course start

· Payment: Along with registration

Text Box: Data Science With R 
2 days training

June 01 & 02, 2015

Venue: to be announced, Bangalore, India

For Registration:

Please email your contact details to contact@science4u.coin

Phone: +91 95913 79494 / +91 94822 27155